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What time does Aladdin end?

 Learn what time the Aladdin show ends.

I chose to collect my tickets for Aladdin from the box office, where and when do I collect them?

 When and where to pick up your tickets for Aladdin from the box office.

Is there a ticket lottery on day seats for the Aladdin show?

 Learn about ticket lottery for day tickets of Aladdin.

What do you get with a Premium Seat for Aladdin?

 Premium Seat conditions for Aladdin.

How and when will I receive my tickets for Aladdin?

 How to receive your tickets for Aladdin.

Is there an age restriction for children to attend the Aladdin show?

 Child age restrictions for Aladdin.

How much do tickets cost for Aladdin?

 Ticket prices for Aladdin.

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