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What's a Game Code?

 Learn how Game Codes save your game.

Getting Started with Nemo's Reef

 General info about Nemo's Reef, including game features and app requirements.

Nemo's Reef players can't access reefs or create a Game Code. Click here for info.

 Learn about an issue affecting some players.

How do I increase my Vitality?

 Learn how to use plants and patches to increase the Vitality of your Reef.

What do I do if I see the error message "The game server is not accessible..."?

 Learn how to troubleshoot error messages on an iOS or Android device.

Android - Troubleshooting Steps

 Force close and update an app, restart your device, update device software, and more.

What are Mysterious Chests and how do I open them?

 Learn more about unlocking Mysterious Chests using Common and Rare Spines.

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